Toy Key 10: Dreams of Me

by Prahnas

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released August 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Prahnas Fayetteville, Arkansas

Prahnas is not a misspelling of piranhas.

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Track Name: Dreams of Me
I'm so acclimated to your bathroom
I couldn't figure out the shower at a friend's
I'm so quiet with my feelings
Everyone but you will think this is a song for them

I have been dreaming
Of you having dreams of me

I think the way you worry's attractive
I feel your smile is an act of war
I keep searching for resolution
But I (just) keep walking out your front door
Track Name: Des Moines
You were drinking coffee the morning after we went to Des Moines
You were smoking a cigarette, I didn't know my face could get so red
You were riding in my car going wherever the highway took us
If I had the money I thought maybe we'd just stay there

Visit the capital
You were the crown on my head
Visit the state fair
For once I was glad to not be dead
Could you believe, didn't you know
Track Name: Oversleeping Epiphany
I'm sorry I overslept
I'm sorry for a lot of things
But I have no regrets
My life got here naturally

And I understand it's not perfect
But I can work with it

I'm turning my phone off
You know that I won't do it
Don't call me a liar
Just because I don't follow through
Track Name: Fervor Dream
Maybe I'm waiting for a certain fervor
But it's hard to tell
Cause I'm thinking bout it all the time
I've got it on speed dial
All my ideas I'll never realize
I'd hate to call it neurosis
With a title it's overstated
I'm just running things through my mind
Like a never ending marathon
Questions unanswered until death
And then it won't matter cause I'm gone
I'm watching the time on my wrist
Dreading and waiting for nothing
Track Name: The Wall My Great-Great-Grandfather Built
They tore down that old stone wall
On the corner of Maple and Main
My great-great-grandfather built in 1912
And now I'm not sure where I belong
Track Name: Devout Esoteric
You held me inside on the love seat
With the whole world outside waiting
But the whole world outside waiting
Didn't know they were waiting on me

And my thoughts flashed to the future
Of you and I together
But I walked it back to the present
Why waste time on a future that'll never be

I remind you that this'll never go anywhere
But no sounds come out of my mouth
I'm only just reminding myself
Because I know to you this means nothing
Track Name: I Owe Acclaimed Photographer Drew Martin $20
I bought a shirt from a friend
With his face printed on it
But my paypal account fucked up
And I never really bought it

Now I owe acclaimed photographer Drew Martin $20
Track Name: Dialogue Moth
If it were more than a broken
Mirror full of feathers
I bet I'd put more faith
In our morning dialogue

But I only answer to truth
As dictated by my eyes

Sometimes I can't figure out
If I'm coming off too hard or soft
Sometimes I can't figure out
If you're a lightbulb drawing in my moth
Track Name: (I'm Afraid I'm) Stuck (in Fayetteville, Arkansas)
I am
In a place that I don't really want
To be
In a town I'm afraid that I
Won't leave
Yeah I'm afraid I'm stuck and never getting out
Track Name: Loose Lavender in My Pockets
Loose lavender in my pockets
I can smell it on my hands
Smells like soap I used to have
Soap I bought just for you

I bet it's still in your hair
I wish I could build a home right there
In your hair so safe and secure
In your hair so deep and pure
Track Name: Devout Esoteric (Reprise)
Another day another dollar
Another hour that I'm wasting away
Another week of failing to execute
Any of the plans that I make
I'm falling asleep after forcing myself
To stay awake longer than I'd wanted
I'm just trying to go anymore
But I'm going nowhere, quiescent I'll always be
Track Name: Eric Called Me Big City
Eric called me big city
While we saw some men fight cops at a bar
Eric sparked something in me
The men fled but didn't get too far

I tried to call you in the morning
The morning always makes me feel low
You didn't answer, you have no voicemail
I don't blame, I don't either

Eric called me big city
My hopelessness the epitome
Eric sparked something in me
He didn't call me hopeless I added that word

I drink when I feel worthless
I feel worthless when I wake up
I ask you to kiss me
You kiss me but only out of pity
Track Name: Luxury Independence
The first time I saw you
I knew that I loved you
Alright so I made that up

The first time I woke up alone
I thought I should get used to it
That was a good decision
Track Name: To Get an Even Number of Songs
I have this thing with even numbers
Track Name: Hey, What Am I Thinking About?
(Talking about my daughter pissing on me while we shared a bed at a friends house)
(Talking about everything I could say and mulling over why I won't)
(Talking about emailing Twisted Tea because of a damaged can and getting as refund)
Track Name: Broken Heat/Great Lakes
My beds a man made lake
I'm doing my best to stay afloat
Trying real hard to be relatable
I've heard to sing what you know
But I've realized how stagnant my water is
My residence time matches a Great Lake
Or at least so in some relative way
Nothing is more permanent to me than my lifetime
I wanted to discuss a dream
But a friend told me it's a bad conversation topic
So I will keep it to myself
I'll keep it all to myself