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Digital Split w/ Dad Weight

by Prahnas

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Ryan said he was recording songs He asked if I wanted to do a split I declined at first But I quickly changed me mind Because I can't let Ryan win If Ryan had an accident Yeah and he lost an eye I'd have to blind myself Yeah, I'd use quicklime Because I can't let Ryan win Ryan has numerous tattoos And I have unblemished skin Only my body remains a temple When Ryan's in hell, I'll be in heaven
Everybody knows the devil went down to Georgia There's misconception about what he was doing there Charlies Daniels grew up in North Carolina The devil specifically went down to Savannah There he found a professor at the Savannah College of Art & Design After a fairly long detour into Norris Hall He said "Dr Maxson, I have news you might not like, Damnation is the purpose of this communication" This fate you cannot escape But at least you won't become a SCAD Staff suicide statistic
Some of my friends like to argue About the state of Maryland Over it's classification As a northern or southern state And I don't wanna take Something outta context But all I'm saying is The devil didn't go down to Maryland When Stan stands before Saint Peter And judgment is passed down, Saint Peter will say "Thou shalt have no false idols, Unless they're named Testudo Thou shalt not covet, Anything but early 2000's Terrapin basketball" And the pearly gates will open Stan Maxson achieves salvation
Coco asked me What I thought of panpsychism And I said it sounded like shit Girls that practice reiki believe in But it really stuck in my head When I went to air up my car tire Because I thought, what if a nail Is what caused the tire to leak I don’t know Just what to think So I imagined airing up my tire And the air pressure launches the nail From the tire and into my head Entering about an inch above my eye And I collapse in the Valero parking lot No one notices for several minutes And the police and paramedics arrive And I’ve been dead since the instant The nail entered into my brain And someone ask if I felt any pain And the cop or the paramedic says It was so fast he didn’t feel a thing It was so fast I didn’t have time to dream And then the cop says a quote “It wasn’t a dream, it was a flood” And I know that I’m okay Because only in my imagination When I’m worried about a nail in my tire Does a cop referencing my death Quote Frank Stanford’s tombstone I don’t know Just what too think Should I worry If the inanimate Despise me As much as the living It doesn’t seem fair To me
Maybe I’ll die on the way to work tomorrow Driving through the early morning snow and fog Maybe I’ll die in a fire in my sleep Because I rent a house without smoke detectors Or maybe I’ll live to see 100 And I’ll die in a simple fall Either way it just doesn’t’t matter We all die alone And I know what you’re probably thinking What if I died in a plane crash or ferry sinking But I’ll never understand how some people think strangers Could do anything to dampen the terror But this is nothing but conjecture We will all soon die of climate change disaster Either way it just doesn’t mater We all die alone



released February 10, 2021


all rights reserved



Prahnas Fayetteville, Arkansas

Prahnas is not a misspelling of piranhas.

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